In obscurity

by Joe Galuppo

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All music written and performed by Joe Galuppo.

Cover art by Dan Ridenour

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Guy Neighmond at Digital Mix Studios in Landing, NJ

Combover Records 2016


released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Combover Records New Jersey


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Joe Galuppo


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Track Name: Hold the Goodbye
Hold the Goodbye
Hold the goodbye
I'll see you I'll see you out
Hold the goodbye
I'll see out
I'll see you out
Oh whataya know
Whataya know
I see you now
But you got your buttons buttoned all wrong
Yah got your buttons buttoned all wrong all wrong
Hold the good bye I'll see you out
You know I'll see you out
When your story isn't so perfect you can't get another cast ..
when you go and break a promise you can't just put it in a cast.
Track Name: Ordinary Wedding
Ordinary Wedding
Hang your head in misery
Find your moral density
Go erase your history just to find out your missing these.
Throw out the impractical
Go Make your next move tactical
To assure you avoid the obstacles
Life is not a joke and it's not so
Out of the
Ordinary .. It's ordinary to me
Spend your time in old log cabins
Go pick yourself some red snapdragons
Hop on the band wagon and make sure all the dogs tails wag
Swim the sea with the golden prawn go grow yourself a thick green lawn
Protect your queen with all your pawn
Not it's not so
Out of the ordinary
It's ordinary to me
Wonder when it all went wrong
Can't blame it on your wedding song
Go to work and get home late
Microwave your dinner plate
Tell her you love er before it's too late
It's not so out of the
ordinary ..Infact it's
ordinary to me.
Track Name: Junebug
June bug on my shoulder
On my shoulder
There is a June bug on my shoulder
It's the middle of December in July
Chip on my shoulder
There's a chip on my shoulder
Everything you told me has been a lie
I was standing by river
Where the Lackawaxen River meets the Delaware river
Let the sun dry my bones
I fell in the river
The Lackawaxen river meets the Delaware river
The one I almost died and when I turned 25 sometimes I wish I had died
Body is feeling older heart is getting colder
There's a June bug on my shoulder and a chip on my shoulder
Everything you had told me has been a lie
It's the middle of December in July
And I can see December in your eyes
Yeah I can see December in your eyes
Because it's the middle December in July I can see December in your eyes
Cause they are spraying heavy metal in the sky.
Track Name: Underneath
Your arms are the waves that pull in the day and the tides push them aside.
Your brain is a sponge and it soak up so much.
We are up to our ankles we are up to our knees we are up to our shoulders and grief.
Your eyes are the lungs that will breathe in the sun.
Just remember that pain is a tiny little grain of sand in an oyster shell and it will all be well.
Track Name: Cans
You want change so bad
It's Driving to Mad
You're so sick of the way it's going
Oh you got a problem with the rain shine sleet the hell and the beautiful snow
Friends of all picked up and gone nearly everyone you know
You want change so bad?
Go collect some cans
If you want.
We all want change real bad
Gotta fight up against "the man"
Or go collect some cans.
Track Name: Dorothys Despair
Dorathy's Despair
I had a dream and you were there... and you were there the strangest dream.
The one time we had everything to lose..we stepped in shit
I had a dream
The strangest dream
One time we had everything to lose
We stepped in shit
"It happens"
One time we couldn't afford to hit the snooze..
We slept on in.
Track Name: I Saw the Dead Lady on the Floor
dont hold the ride
i think i feel alive
Track Name: Fnord
I'm feeling human like I'm getting closer to the middle of earth
Through the ringer now I'm in the dirt.
If (you think) I'm amounting to nothing
Well then
Your just a mountain of something that I won't say
Because "what the thinker thinks
The prover proves"
What the lover loves
The movers move
While the drinkers drink all the boozers booze away.
Track Name: Stoked
It kills your stomach and rots your insides
Are you happy about being alive?
Kills your brain and make sure move slow but aren't you stoked?
you wanted to go
You always wanted to go
Your dad and your uncle
Your brother too
Yeah they all got that problem oh the one that you do
Momma o momma it's all fine
It's All good
If you needed to stop
I always knew that yah could
You always knew that you could
But you can't and you won't
While your still trying to fight it
This riot
This violence you've incited
This thrill
But one day it's over
You exhale.